About Bhurra

We consider ourselves among the leaders of a growing movement of mindful, responsible designers. We bring our elevated aesthetic, love of nature, and the desire to cultivate community to everything we do. With a passion for artisanal craftsmanship and a commitment to our industry’s best practices, we uphold highest quality standards and bring conscious and sustainable design to life.

Bhurra restores fashion and art using eco-friendly materials in the most contemporary way. To wear bhurra is to be ‘the change you wish to see in men and women clothing’.

It is the choice of present day generation to declare ‘What i stand for is what i stand on’.

Mother daughter duo launched their brand in 2018. Their thought behind this idea started from their home followed by a hierarchy. Using old jeans to make tote bags and aprons. Using old sari’s as curtains. Using old t-shirts as a mop. They took this idea and have gone a notch higher using natural material garments with zero percent wastage.